Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dangerous Disease Ever!!

Now, I would like to talk to you about AIDS. Do you know what is AIDS actually? AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:
  • Acquired means you can get infected with it;
  • Immune Deficiency means a weakness in the body's system that fights diseases.
  • Syndrome means a group of health problems that make up a disease.

AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. If you get infected with HIV, your body will try to fight the infection. It will make "antibodies," special molecules to fight HIV. A blood test for HIV looks for these antibodies. If you have them in your blood, it means that you have HIV infection. People who have the HIV antibodies are called "HIV-Positive". So, to make sure you're not injected from AIDS, please see the doctor for HIV medical check-up.. And proudly I say, I'm free of HIV.. hehehe ;)

How to Sleep Well?

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Tossing and turning. Your mind is racing, going over everything that happened today. Night noises keep you awake. What can you do? There are things you can do! Read on and learn some new tricks to sleep well here that I've gotten from Google's article. These tips are also known as "Sleep Hygiene."

  • Sleep only when sleepy
This reduces the time you are awake in bed.

  • If you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel sleepy
Sit quietly in the dark or read the warranty on your refrigerator. Don't expose yourself to bright light while you are up. The light gives cues to your brain that it is time to wake up.

  • Don't take naps
This will ensure you are tired at bedtime. If you just can't make it through the day without a nap, sleep less than one hour, before 3 pm.

  • Get up and go to bed the same time every day
Even on weekends! When your sleep cycle has a regular rhythm, you will feel better.

  • Refrain from exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime
Regular exercise is recommended to help you sleep well, but the timing of the workout is important. Exercising in the morning or early afternoon will not interfere with sleep.

  • Develop sleep rituals
It is important to give your body cues that it is time to slow down and sleep. Listen to relaxing music, read something soothing for 15 minutes, have a cup of caffeine free tea, do relaxation exercises.

This tips are really useful for all of you, except if you got Insomnia disorder.. hehehe ;p

Best Skin Care Tips for Men

To many, many men skin care is the last priority on their list. Shaving their face would be the closet thing to skin care that they would come too, however times have changed and there are many men that are taking the steps to better skin care and showing their skin just a little bit more love and care. Here in this time, I will go over the basic skin care tips for men that I've read from a health magazine. Skin care for men does not take out hours from the day but just a few minutes each day. A simple antibacterial skin soap and cleanser. Just wash you face with warm water and rinse dry with cold water. This is to close the pores after washing. One of the best ways a many can help his skin as well in the consumption of water drinking water not only helps your body rejuvenate but it also helps to keep the skins surface hydrated and moisturized which is highly important when it comes to skin care. So, we can make it as a habit to control aging effects to us, hohoho! =)

Eyes: The Most Beautiful Organ

Every one have their own perception, which part of organs they think most beautiful. But for me, the most beautiful organ is goes to the eye! Eye is an organ that really important to let us see. By seeing, we could make a decision, evaluation, determine the distance and etc. The unique of an eye is it comes with many kind of colours. I've a black iris and majority of the Asian have black colour of iris. Actually, eye colour is a polygenic trait and is determined by the amount and type of pigments in the eye's iris. In our eyes, these variations in color are attributed to varying ratios of eumelanin produced by melanocytes in the iris. Three main elements within the iris contribute to its color: the melanin content of the iris pigment ephitelium, the melanin content within the iris stroma, and the cellular density of the iris stroma. So, what colour is your iris? No need to answer because i know you're black too.. Hehehe ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hybrid Tea

You might be curious on what i'm going to tell you with that title. I'm not willing to write about tea, how does hybridasation occurs or anything else. Actually, Hybrid Tea is kind of roses. It's really beautiful and one of the most popular rose types. These are tall, long-stemmed roses ideal for cutting which that the roses you usually see at the florist. The flowers are usually borne singly, one to a stem, rather than in clusters. It blooms have a high-center point. In the garden they are often featured as single specimens or in a traditional rose cutting garden. Many varieties reveal a beautiful fragrance. Here are varities types of Hybrid tea: Memorial Day, ELLE and Love n' Peace. So now on, i hope you know what type of roses would you buy for your beloved person in the Valentine's Day! Hohoho!! =p

Water Cycle

I'm still remember about my presentation when i was form 5, my friend and I were acting about water cycle that undergo lot of processes. It was really fun as we made lot of caps by using manila-card to represent what type of water in that time. From lake, we were evaporated(water's cap), then we felt cold (snow's cap), n etc. We got highest mark for that proficiency test by getting full mark in each assessment. I felt so amaze with that mark.. Hahaha =). Now let me tell you more details about water cycle. This cycle is made up of a few main parts. First is evaporation. Evaporation is when the sun heats up water in rivers or lakes or the ocean and turns it into vapor or steam. The water vapor or steam leaves the river, lake or ocean and goes into the air. Then, water vapor in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid, forming clouds. This process is called condensation. After that, the water undergo precipitation. This process occurs when so much water has condensed that the air cannot hold it anymore. The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow. When water falls back to earth as precipitation, it may fall back in the oceans, lakes or rivers or it may end up on land. When it ends up on land, it will either soak into the earth and become part of the “ground water” that plants and animals use to drink or it may run over the soil and collect in the oceans, lakes or rivers where the cycle starts all over again.. Don't be shocked if i say that maybe some of your drinking water source is come from others' urine waste!! Hahaha!! =p

12 Letters Only?!

We got 26 letters in our nation language alphabets, same with English. From the letter A to Z we could combine them to form million kind of words and exactly easy to us to understand the words with lot of pronounsations. However, do you know that the Hawaiian Alphabet only contains 12 letters: a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p and w. Every word ends with a vowel. A glottal stop is also used, called an \'okina (meaning cutting, \'oki meaning cut and na meaning -ing). It used to be called an \'u\'ina (meaning snap). I wonder how there define and differentiate a particular thing with another by using that just a bit letter only. It's so amazing!. So maybe, we can learn the language easily and i'm sure i can master to write in Hawaiian Alphabet not more than 3 years!! (flamboyant phase) =p Here I've found some Hawaiian words. Let we learn together..